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The Gitschberg Jochtal Big Five are:

Exhilarating – the main summit of the Pfunderer Mountains
Secret photo tip: the route towards Wilde Kreuzspitze winds past the ice fields near Rauhtaljoch – the perfect opportunity to snap a snowy scene in summer! The view of Wilder See lake from the summit will have every hiker reaching for their camera, too.
Tour: Parking lot at the end of the valley Vals/Valles - Fane alp - hiking trail no. 17 - Schrammeschlucht canyon - alpine meadow Labesebenalm - trail no. 18 - Wild lake (Wilder See) - Wild Cross peak (Wilde Kreuzspitze) - same way back as you went.
Duration: 6 h
Length: 13.1 km
Altitude: 1813 m

NAPFSPITZ, 2.888 m
Sporty – the vantage point on the nearby glacier
Secret photo tip: the rocky landscape surrounding the Elderauthütte possesses a unique charm that promises fascinating shots.
Tour: Parkinglot Dun (1445m)- Marking 13 - Eisbruggalm - Eisbruggsee - Edelrauthütte - Napfspitze - Return on same way
Duration: 4h 50min
Length: 18 km
Altitude: 1440 m

Idyllic – the panoramic mountain towering above three lakes
Secret photo tip: easy – the three lakes on the way to the top are especially photogenic. Nevertheless, the view of the mountain lakes from the summit is nothing short of breathtaking.
Tour: Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg - no.21 - Ochsenboden - alpine meadow Weißalm 2.177 m - alpine hiking trail Schellenbergsteig - no.6 - alpine meadow Seefeldalm 2.340 m - middle lake - small lake - mountain peak Seefeldspitz - return hiking trail - n.6 - direction Valle d'Altafossa/Altfasstal - n.15 - hut Wieserhütte 1.850 m - hut Pranter Stadl Hütte 1.850 m - n. 15 - hut Großberghütte 1.644 m - parking lot Valle d'Altafossa/Altfasstal - hiking trail Leitensteig n. 10 - cable car Rio di Pusteria-Maranza - station at the valley of the railway cable car Gitschberg
Duration: 4h 0min
Altitude: 1285 m

GAISJOCH, 2.641 m
Animal - the mountain of the chamois
Phototipp of our mascot „Murmele“: the way up tot he Gaisjoch guides you through forests of larches. Especially in autumn forests like this are a very special photo motive. When you’re very lucky you may see some chamois.
Tour: Parking lot Altfass Valley - Großberg hut - west side pointed hillside - hiking trail no. 15 B - hiking trail Jochsteig n. 13A - trail no. 13 on the crest - summit Gaisjochspitze - descent trail no. 13B - alpine meadow Walderjochalm - Wieserhütte hut - hiking trail no. 15 Altfass Valley - Parking lot Altfass Valley
Duration: 3h 30min
Length: 5 km
Altitude: 1070 m

ASTJOCH, 2.194 m
Regal – the royal throne of the Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm
Secret photo tip: with its abundance of lush flowers, the Rodenecker-Lüsner Alm provides endless fantastic photo opportunities. Those who reach the summit of the Astjoch are treated to a unique panorama – don't forget your wide angle lens!
Tour: Parking lot Zumis - hiking trail Confin - Ronerhütte hut - hiking trail no. 2 eastward - chapel Pianer Kreuz - Rastnerhütte hut - go straight Starkenfeldhütte hut - alpine meadow Astalm - hiking trail no. 67 - mountain summit Astjoch - way down southern - Kreuzwiesenalm hut - hiking trail no. 2A - alpine meadow Raffreidalm - alpine meadow Steineralm - alpine meadow Astalm - hiking trail no. 2A and 2 - parking lot Zumis
Duration: 5h 20min
Length: 20 km
Altitude: 448 m



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