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Mountain hikes

Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg - Summit Gitsch
Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg - hiking trail no. 12 - Gitschhütte hut - south side of the mountain - summit Gitschberg - panoramic platform.
Duration: 1h 20min
Length: 2 km
Altitude: 408 m

Circular hiking trail Aicha/Aica-Spinges/Spinga
Northern outskirt of Aicha/Aica - hiking trail no.7A - going up to Spinges/Spinga - return: start point: church in Spinges/Spinga - hiking trail no. 9 "Katzenleiter" - hiking trail no. 9A - chapel Urlaubsstöckl - start point
Duration: 2h 30min
Altitude: 458 m

Parking lot Dun - mark 13- Lutzer - alpine meadow Bodenalm - Eisbrugghütte hut - Eissbrugg lake - Edelraut hut
Duration: 3h 30min
Length: 7 km
Altitude: 560 m

Fane Alp - Brixnerhütte hut
Follow the hiking trail no. 17 from the Fane Alp until the Brixnerhütte hut. Same way back as you went.
Duration: 1h 50min
Length: 4.3 km
Altitude: 565 m

From the alp of Rodeneck-Lüsen to the summit corss Astjoch
Parking lot Zumis - hiking trail Confin - Ronerhütte hut - hiking trail no. 2 eastward - chapel Pianer Kreuz - Rastnerhütte hut - go straight Starkenfeldhütte hut - alpine meadow Astalm - hiking trail no. 67 - mountain summit Astjoch - way down southern - Kreuzwiesenalm hut - hiking trail no. 2A - alpine meadow Raffreidalm - alpine meadow Steineralm - alpine meadow Astalm - hiking trail no. 2A and 2 - parking lot Zumis
Duration: 5h 20min
Length: 20 km
Altitude: 448 m

Hiking Trail Leitensteig from Vals/Valles to Meransen/Maranza
Centre of Vals/Valles - way up to the hiking trail Leitensteig - farms Walderhöfe at the beginning of the Altfass Valley - descent to Meransen/Maranza. The hiking tour can also be made the other way round.
Duration: 1h 40min
Length: 6 km
Altitude: 254 m

Meransen/Maranza - Moserhütte hut - Small Gitsch - Gitschberg
Parking lot Altfass Valley - trough the Altfass Valley - hiking trail no. 16A - Moserhütte hut - hiking trail no. 6 (Circular panoramik alpine meadow trail) - Small Gitsch - alpine meadow Weißalm - hiking trail no. 12A - Falzarer (or Valzarer) ridge - over the ridge (hiking trail no.12) - summit Gitschberg.
Duration: 4h 20min
Length: 10 km
Altitude: 1208 m

Meransen/Maranza-Niedervintl/Vandoies di Sotto
Centre of Meransen/Maranza - direction north-east hiking trail no. 11 - across the torrent Eiterbach - steeply down to the river Sergser Bach - farms Holzer and Felder - always hiking trail no. 11 - torrent Pfunderer Bach - out from the valley until Niedervintl/Vandoies di Sotto.
Duration: 2h 20min
Altitude: 141 m

Mountain Gitschberg - Altfass Valley
Mountain station railway cable car Gitschberg - hiking trail no. 21 and 6 - direction Zasslerhütte hut and Ochsenboden - descent alpine meadow Weißalm - hiking trail no. 12B - Altfass Valley - return hiking trail no. 15 trough the Altfass Valley - Großberg hut - parking lot Altfass Valley - town Meransen - station railway cable car Gitschberg
Duration: 3h 15min
Length: 11.6 km
Altitude: 210 m

Vintl - Rodenecker Luesner Alm
From Vintl/Priel, following mark 14 until Rodnecker/Luesner Alm
Duration: 3h 30min
Length: 12 km
Altitude: 1100 m

Weitental/Vallarga - Kiener Alm
Starting in Weitental / Vallarga - following mark 20 - it begins with a forest road, then a narrow path and shortly before the end on the normal street
Duration: 2h 30min
Length: 7 km
Altitude: 850 m

Wandertipp: Eisbruggsee auf Peer.tv



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