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Hiking and Walking in Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs

Experience nature
In the recreation-friendly region of Naz-Sciaves, you will find the thrilling scenic backdrop for all sort of activities, from sporting challenges and exciting trips with the whole family to relaxing hikes through variegated nature.


Villages Round Trip
The tour leads through the village of Naz and then turns right onto the Villages round trip [Dörferrunde] through the Fruhnwald forest up to the Waldertor viewpoint. Past Fiumes/Viums and the Viummer crossing, the route leads mainly through forest paths up to Sciaves. Continue through the village and then go left along the Villages round trip through forest and later through orchards, up to the Flötscher pond. At the Seehof Hotel, cross the road and continue through meadows and woods, always along the signposted road to Rasa/Raas. Continue through the cultural grounds passing the water reservoir back to the street towards Naz. Follow the street to the right, at the Laugen sports field following the sign Dörferrunde. From here, the Villages round trip leads back to the starting point.
Walking time approximately 3.30 h – total altitude difference: 210 m – hiking distance: 11 km

Flower Hike
The Flower hike begins from the town square in Naz proceeding in the direction of Fiumes/Viums. After 200 meters, you reach the fork, where you turn left on trail no. 1 towards the Sommersürs biotope. The way leads past the biotope on trail no. 5 to the Flötscher pond. Cross the road and follow trail no. 2 in direction of Rasa/Raas. Past the Moser habitat, walk on the north side of Raiermoos biotope and take trail no. 6 up to the water storage facility. For the return to Naz, there are two options: along the road no. 1B between the two sports fields or right past the Laugen biotope on trail no. 6, back to the center of Naz.
Walking time approximately 2 hours – total altitude difference: 150 m – hiking distance: 7 km

From Naz to the Historic Bressanone/Brixen
The hiking tour from Naz to Bressanone first follows path no. 1 to Elvas and then reaches – on the downhill trail no. 1 or 2 – the city of Bressanone, historic Brixen. The return hike leads first alongside the Isarco river on trail no. 16 up to the Neustift/Novacella Abbey. From there, trail no. 4 ascends to Rasa/Raas, and then descends back to Naz.
Alternative route: descent to Bressanone in about 1½ h, return by public bus.
Walking time approximately 3.30 h – total altitude difference: 440 m – hiking distance: 11.7 km

Round Trip from Rodengo/Rodeneck to Naz
From Naz, the path leads down the Rienza gorge on trail no. 4; there you cross the Rienza river on the pedestrian bridge and walk up to the Niedersthof farm. After about 800 meters in the direction of Luson/Lüsen, a trail branches off to Rodengo. Past the wayside shrine, follow trail no. 1 to Rodenegg Castle via the hamlets of Spisses and Villa/Vill. The path (still on trail no.1) leads through the forest down to the Rienza gorge and over the Rundlbrücke bridge, back to Fiumes/Viums and Naz.
Walking time approximately 4.30 – total altitude difference: 830 m – hiking distance: 13.6 km


From Sciaves to Neustift/Novacella Abbey
From the center of Sciaves, follow trail no. 8 down to the Riggertal valley and along the Isarco river up to the Neustift/ Novacella Abbey. From there, trail no. 4 ascends to the village of Rasa/Raas, where you pass under the main road and then take trail no. 8, which leads through the forest back to the Raierboden habitat and from there back to Sciaves.
Walking time approximately 03.30 h – total altitude difference: 400 m – hiking distance: 9.5 km

Sciaves Circular Hike
Starting from the church in Sciaves, you head to the Viummer cross on the road to Fiumes/Viums. There the trail branches off to the right, where the trail no. 2 leads to the Flötscher pond. Cross the main road and hike along trail no. 2 over the Mesnerbuehel hill in direction Rasa/Raas. At Moser, follow the trail no. 4 along the road through the orchards until you reach Naz and then continue towards Fiumes. Shortly after the village of Naz, on the right, a turn (signed as Dörferrunde) leads to Fruhn and the Waldertor gate (vantage point to Rodenegg Castle). After a slight descent through the forest on trail no. 3, you are back in the village of Sciaves.
Walking time approximately 3.30 h – total altitude difference: 500 m – hiking distance 10.5 km

Round Trip to Stegerbühel Hill
Walk from the center in the direction of Sciaves and Fiumes/Viums. At the Viummer cross chapel, turn left and follow the Stegerbühelrunde sign northwards and clockwise. Walking around the hill will take you along on mossy forest trails that offer great views of Rodenegg Castle and the Rienza gorge.
Walking time approximately 1 h – total altitude difference: 90 m – hiking distance 3.4 km


Raiermoos Nature Trail
From the church in Rasa, the hiking path leads eastward along trail no. 4 to Moser; turn right and follow the Nature Trail symbol around the Raiermoos towards Moser and on trail no. 4 back to the starting point. The Raiermoos nature trail simply leads around the Raiermoos biotope. Thanks to the information signs and observation points, visitors can get close to the habitats of various species of animals and plants without disturbing them.
Walking time approximately 0.40 h – total altitude difference: 40 m – hiking distance: 2.2 km

Hiking through the Vineyards to Bressanone/Brixen
From the church in Rasa/Raas, walk along the paved road to Elvas. Here the hiking path starts that leads right down to Kranebitt and past Stufles all the way to Bressanone, on the same trail no. 2, from Rasa down to Bressanone. You have the option of returning by bus.
Walking time approximately 1.15 h – total altitude difference: 260 m – hiking distance: 4.8 km


Village Circular Route (Dorfrundweg)
The village circular route of Aica is an easy hike. From the starting point, the church of Aica, simply follow the sign Dorfrundweg. Walking time approximately 00.45 h – total altitude difference: insignificant – hiking distance: 2.3 km

From Aica/Aicha to Spinga/Spinges
From Aica, trail no. 7A leads to Spinga. For the way back to Aica, take trail no. 9 via Katzenleiter and past the wayside shrine, then continue on trail no. 9A.
Walking time approximately 3 h – total altitude difference: 400 m – hiking distance:7.5 km

The Apple Trail in Naz-Sciaves/Natz-Schabs
A walk for nature lovers
The theme path that runs from Naz to Rasa/Raas and back to the starting point provides insight into the natural beauty of the area. On various information boards along the way, you will learn things to know about the apple cultivation in Naz and the apple-producing region of South Tyrol. The circular walk starts at the main square in Naz. Take a short walk along the road to Fiumes/Viums, then turn left on to a side path to the Sommersürs biotope. After the biotope, follow the Apfelweg sign up to the Flötscher pond. Continue on the way until you reach the first intersection. Here, cross the road and follow the Apple Trail along the Mesnerbuehel hill in the direction of Rasa, where you will reach the Raiermoos biotope with its fascinating flora and fauna. From here, the Apple Trail ascends to a large reservoir and from there to the main road to Naz. Follow the main road for a short while, then leave the road on a right turn. At the next intersection, turn left heading north, then turn sharp right. From here, the Kreuzweg path goes back to the starting point at the village center of Naz. Next to the Kreuzweg path you will also pass the Ölberg vantage point that invites hikers to become sun loungers and take a relaxing break.
Walking time approximately 2.30 h – total altitude difference: 150 m – hiking distance: 7.9 km



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