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The Ploseblick is a dedicated motorbike hotel in Natz-Schabs in the Eisacktal: a biker’s dream come true.

Have you always dreamt of exploring the famous Dolomites on winding roads and across passes, discovering the unforgettable landscape of the Alps? South Tyrol is a biker Nirvana: a motorbike holiday in Natz-Schabs in the Eisacktal offers countless possibilities. Every single tour will deliver on a stunning landscape, allowing you to fully enjoy your biker holiday one twisting turn on the road after the other. Our motorbike hotel in Natz-Schabs in the Eisacktal is the perfect starting point for exciting day-long tours!

The Ploseblick Hotel is run by the Michaeler Family and staff: they would be extremely pleased to welcome you to the valley with open arms.

The following tours are available:

Meadow tour across the Eisacktal
Route: Brixen – around 8 km towards Klausen – take a left into the Villnösser Tal until Zanseralm – take the same road back until Säge – take a left towards Gufidaun – once in Gufidaun, take another left to the Gnollhof – take a right towards Lajen – keep to the left across St. Peter towards St. Ulrich – take a right across Runggaditsch - St. Martin towards Kastelruth – Seiseralm (temporarily closed to traffic). Return via the same route towards Kastelruth – take a left towards Waidbruck – take a right towards Brixen
Length: 126 km
Months: March to November

Gröden and Sellajoch Tour
Description: a circular motorbike tour across the popular Grödental, which has attained world fame thanks to its ski races and wood carving tradition.
Route: start from Brixen and drive your wide-tyre motorbike to Blumau, above Bozen, and take a left towards Steinegg/Collepietra. Continue counter-clockwise towards Welschnofen (Nova Levante), cross the Karerpass, and continue into the Fassatal towards Vigo di Fassa and Campitello di Fassa. The circular tour will then take you to Canazei on the Pordoistrasse, yet not on the Passo Pordoi, rather up to the Passo Sella and Plan de Gralba. Once you’ve returned to the valley you’ll reach Wolkenstein, St. Christina in Gröden and St. Ulrich (Ortisei). From St. Ulrich follow the road to Kastelruth, Seis and Völs am Schlern until Blumau and from there back to the starting point in Brixen. You can also cut the tour short in St. Ulrich across the Grödental and speed away towards Waidbruck/Brixen...
Length: 162 km
Months: between April and November

Circular route around the Plose via the Würzjoch
Tour description: circular tour around the Plose Massif.
Route: From the sleepy city of Brixen, take your bikes into the Pustertal until you reach St. Lorenzen, taking a right into the Gadertal. Continue on the main road of the Gadertal, which will gradually become narrower, towards Montal and continue right up to St. Martin in Thurn (San Martino in Badia). From there, take your bikes to Untermoi and ultimately uphill to the Würzjoch (2,007m). You can decide to rest and have a bite to eat here, too. From the Würzjoch continue uphill to the Halsjoch, Afers, St. Andrä until you reach the starting point in Brixen, where you can treat your body and mind at the Ploseblick Hotel …
Length: 88 km
Months: between April and November

Route: from Brixen, head southwards on the old state highway towards Bozen, from there take the MeBo super-road to Meran. From the beautiful SPA city drive on into the Passeiertal. Leave the valley behind by driving across the Jaufenpass (2,092 m) and end up in Sterzing, continue driving towards Brixen.
Length: 180 km
Months: between April and November

Route: Hop onto the bike in Brixen and drive south-bound until Waidbruck, from here take a right and continue uphill, passing by Barbian, until reaching the Renon. From Klobenstein on the Renon continue downwards into the Sarntal, from there on to the Penserjoch and Sterzing, then take a left towards Gasteig.
Length: 248 km
Months: between April and November

Drei Zinnen Dolomites Tour
Route: Brixen - Bruneck - Toblach – right towards Cortina d'Ampezzo - after 13 km take a left in Carbonin-Schluderbach towards Misurina - Kreuzbergpass towards Cortina d'Ampezzo – continue heading to Arabba - after 6 km reach Pocol on the Passo Giau – head downhill towards Caprile – take a right at Fedaia Pass - Canazei - Sellajoch - Grödnertal - Klausen - Brixen
Passes and opening hours: open all year round (subject to change in winter due to weather)
Length: 230 km
Months: between March and November

Tour description: circular motorbike tour on the Stilfserjoch via the Val di Sole.
Route: start from Brixen and rev up your engines heading towards Bozen and, from St. Michael in the Unterland district in Bozen, continue on the winding and peaceful Mendelstrasse until you reach the lofty Mendelpass, to then continue downhill to the Val di Sole. Coast by Dimaro, Ossanna and end up driving across the Tonalepass.
Continue rolling on to Ponte di Legno, Santa Caterina Valfurva, the well-known ski location of Bormio, drive uphill to the Stilfserjoch and the countless winding turns downhill to the top part of the Vinschgau until Trafoi. Drive on the long Vinschgauerstrasse until you reach Meran – stop for a good bite to eat in the beer garden of the Forst Brewery.
From here, find your way back onto the Mebo, drive towards Bozen and then continue northbound to the starting point of the circular route in Brixen.
Length: 328 km
Months: between June and October

Around the Marmolada
Tour description: motorbike circuit around the popular mountain massif of the Marmolada, the highest summit of the Dolomites with its 3,341 m. If you want to enjoy the unique view of the Queen of the Dolomites, hop of your bike and take the cable car, for a change, up to the summit…
Route: Hop onto your petrol-powered steel horses in Brixen and gallop south-bound until Waidbruck. Take a left, east-bound into the Grödental, the valley of artists and wood carvers, and coast by St. Ulrich (Ortisei), St. Christina, and Wolkenstein. Speed upwards to the Sellajoch and reach Canazei, continue into the Fassatal towards Campitello and Pozzo di Fassa right until Moena. From here, drive on towards San Pellegrino, Cencenighe Agordino and to the Alleghe lake. From there head to Collaz, and continue to the Falzaregopass (2,105m), and then on to the Valparolapass (2,192m), and downhill to St. Kassian. From here, drive by Stern, Abtei and Pederü to St. Martin in Thurn. Keep to the left and reach Brixen via the Würzjoch. Be it on a windy day or calm afternoon: this scenic route won’t leave a dry eye in your group!
Length: 210 km
Months: between April and November



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