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Theme paths

Bee way of Rodeneck/Rodengo
On the bee way of Rodeneck. You're learning everything about bees, honey and the work of a beekeper. Startpoint is the tourist office of Rodeneck/Rodengo in Vill/villa.
Duration: 5h 0min
Length: 7 km
Altitude: 260 m

Elf trail of Obervintl/Vandoies di Sopra
Experience the magic of the nature on the elf trail of Obervintl/Vandoies di Sopra. The elf trail starts in the centre of Obervintl/Vandoies di Sopra and is about 3 km long, so it's perfect for families.
Duration: 60min
Length: 3 km
Altitude: 90 m

Hiking trail of the legends of Meransen/Maranza
Station at the valley of the cable car Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria - Zainer street - hiking trail "Lindenweg" - Stiefler - Hotel Lärchenhof - Pension Wiesenrain - mountain station of the cable car Mühlbach/Rio di Pusteria-Meransen/Maranza
Duration: 1h 30min
Altitude: 650 m
Altitude downhill: 650 m

The Pfunderer farm house trail
The Pfunderer farmhouse trail is a panoramic circular hiking trail which passes traditional farms in the Pfunderer Valley. The Pfunderer farm house trail is 7 km long (or the shorter version 3,5 km). The trail is also for families, because the stations are also for children.
Duration: 2h 30min
Length: 7 km
Altitude: 370 m



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