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Sense THE MAGIC...

Welcome to the Hotel Ploseblick in Naz Sciaves near Bressanone

Our accommodation near Bressanone / Brixen is set in the heart of the “apple paradise” of Naz in the Valle Isarco / Eisacktal, an incredible setting with exceptional architecture. This building was the cornerstone from which the unmistakeable character of the wellness hotel was created. Wherever you go in this fantastic location you are conscious of the breathtaking surroundings. Due to this and its contemporary style the hotel has been awarded a 3-star status.


At our hotel in Naz Sciaves, your perfect accommodation in Valle Isarco, everyone can breathe a sigh of relief and relax. Nature is not only vastly apparent outdoors among the mountains, valleys and woods, but also within the atmosphere of the hotel itself. The smell of pine trees, commonly known as “the King of the Alps” fills the air wherever you choose to go. It is a recently rediscovered type of wood that evokes a warm and comfortable atmosphere, guaranteeing a relaxing and regenerating night’s sleep.

Bringing HARMONY...

Our homeland is an endless source of inspiration, as is the spirit of the modern day. The combining of these two factors has been a stimulating and creative pleasure for both us and our guests. Whilst surrounded by modern upholstery and comforts, walking on our edelweiss patterned carpets will give you a vivid impression of tradition and nature. The endeavour to find the perfect balance between contemporary and traditional style has given our accommodation in Naz Sciaves a truly harmonious flavour.

What could be nicer than holidaying in a place where you feel pampered and taken care of, where all your needs are fulfilled, and you can get a taste of the authentic South Tyrolean hospitality? A place where both ambience and surroundings are truly enchanting and combine in perfect harmony? Are you looking for somewhere with a leisurely atmosphere where you can forget about everyday life and simply relax and enjoy yourself? If this is your idea of a great holiday, then the Ploseblick Hotel in Naz Sciaves, your holiday accommodation near Bressanone, is perfect for you!
A warm welcome from the Michaeler family!



Our new apartment house

WELCOME to our new apartment house in Natz!

Holiday Apartments Anton Brixen Bressanone


LUXURY STAY FOR EVER: Apartments of the highest standard in the South Tyrolean Alps in Naz near Brixen.